Collaboration and Connectivity

We design, implement and maintain the most extraordinary and effective collaborative work environments for forward-thinking enterprises in today’s global market space, enabling the decision making process and driving bottom-line profitability more efficiently
than ever before. 

Designing The Ultimate Environment

Taking state-of-the-art technology, we create a complete working environment and technology platform, to connect multi-disciplinary teams with live video and real-time data sources across the globe.   

Innovative Solutions for Business


Oil & Gas

CCOMM have been expanding operations globally within the oil and gas sector providing innovative solutions for upstream E&P teams.  CCOMM’s innovative room designs and engineering solutions enable geophysicists, asset managers and drill teams to collaborate more effectively, on real-time data, face-to-face, in world-class visualization environments.

  • Visualization, Collaboration Rooms
  • Real Time Operation Centres
  • Integrated Control Environments
  • Advanced Learning Rooms


Advancements in digital imaging technology have changed the way patient data is viewed and distributed within healthcare. Clinical specialists want immediate access to medical images throughout the hospital and at dispersed locations. CCOMM offers a fully immersive, collaborative experience to enhance productivity and deliver better patient care.  Sharing of information in real time irrespective of location empowers the profession and transforms the delivery of cost effective clinical collaboration.

  • Telemedecine
  • Teaching


CCOMM understands the challenges that insurance companies, banks and market makers face as changes within the financial services industry continue apace and increased competition puts pressure on performance. CCOMM helps clients successfully manage these fast changing environments by harnessing new, innovative collaboration technologies and applications to motivate users and manage projects thereby improving productivity and profits.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions


High powered retailers use CCOMM system integration solutions and services to ensure continual improvements within their supply chain management. By the adoption and successful introduction of virtual collaborative work groups. CCOMM help clients align processes across the supply chain.

  • Supply chain management


In today’s laboratories, conducting research leading to breakthroughs in drug development requires the use of powerful imaging tools. CCOMM uses technology developed in conjunction with universities and science-based businesses to deliver the best tools and complete environments for research, teaching and collaborative work. Our solutions allow for increased understanding of complex data, while speeding time to discovery and providing a valuable return on investment.

  • Research in to drug and protein interaction
  • Molecular analysis in the design process

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