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CCOMM roll out Salesforce CRM across the group.

Tuesday 5th of August 2014

For more than 20 years CCOMM has been known for innovative meeting room environments. The company maintains its unique position in the market by continuously developing new features and technologies.  Using Salesforce will allow CCOMM to connect with customers and employees and focus its business around them.

‘‘Capturing the thoughts of our customers and employees is a differentiator which will enable us to take CCOMM to the next stage as we compete in a very competitive world’’

– Kelvin Gregory, Business Development Director

CCOMM sales and engineering staff are spread across the globe supporting its customers in multiple locations so useful information was not always available or shared in a timely manner.

‘’Apart from gathering customer activity in a centralised location readily accessible by all colleagues, Salesforce allows us to track how much business new products and services generate and the opportunities they provide’’ adds Gregory

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