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What is Collaboration?

Tuesday 6th of May 2014

We are interested in collboration. How is works, what is really means and how we can help you achieve it succesfully. 

We have built a relationship with Smart Techonolgies installing their interative flat-panel Smart Board into a number of our solutions.

They launched their blog this year specifically aimed at discussing the latest collaboration trends and issues.

The following article orginally available from Smart Techonologies at here Jeff Lowe gives us a bit of information about their new blog and poses the question, what is collaboration, really?



It’s the number one skill being sought by business recruiters today.1 Over 50 percent of large organizations reported that Collaboration is a formal, stated corporate objective.2

From any vantage point, it’s hard to debate that collaboration is a vital tool for knowledge workers in today’s corporate world.

But what is collaboration, really? Ask 20 people, and you’ll likely get 20 different responses back. Is it the same or different than communication? Can you have too much collaboration, or is it like golf – the more, the better?

When it comes to technology that enables collaboration, the leading supplier only has 27% brand awareness.3 Compare that to the videoconferencing or voice platform markets where the players have 80%+ awareness, are well known and the documentation is clear and plentiful. Even harder to pin down is the tech acronym UC&C – Unified Communications & Collaboration. Can you have the first UC without the second C? And vice versa?

This blog is dedicated to helping you get a few steps closer (several steps, hopefully) to figuring out collaboration in business. For yourself, for your organization. It’s your resource for expert advice, analyst reviews, tools and tips, success stories (and war stories) from leading organizations and thought leaders world-wide.

As we launch this blog, there are plenty of great contributions that focus on this topic of “just what is collaboration, anyway, and why is it so important”?

If you’re new to this blog, be sure to check out the video “What is true collaboration?”  featuring collaboration leaders from around the world. They discuss the differences between communication, which is the 2-way exchange of data or information, and collaboration, which has at its root the word labor – it’s about work, about tangible new outcomes being built by a team of people. I love that definition!

We will be keeping this blog fresh and updated on a monthly basis, so check back often. Also, we welcome your contributions. If you have some content to add to this discussion, please submit it here.

To better collaboration!


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