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Petroleum Development Oman Upgrades CWE Rooms to 3D

Monday 30th of May 2011

As part of the ongoing Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) Collaborative Work Environment (CWE) implementation, PDO has chosen to upgrade their multi-disciplinary CWE rooms to 3D.

Having been impressed with the image quality of the Cyviz C1 systems currently deployed at their Lekwhair field site, they decided to upgrade after viewing the 3D Vizwall at the Cyviz Technology Centre in Dubai. The 3D capability will give their geoscientists a greater insight into their data, allowing them to make faster, more informed and accurate decisions, which in turn saves time and money and delivers improved operational efficiencies.

The systems will feature a Cyviz passive stereo system using Infitec filters. Users will have the ability to switch the display between 2D and 3D via the Cyviz Display Controller (CDC). They can also work with mono and stereo sources simultaneously and via the integrated data sharing functionality of the Cyviz system, coupled with the capabilities of the integrated Cisco codecs, they can share data models and run collaboration sessions with other sites.

The upgrades represent PDO's commitment to providing their users with best practice CWE's and further strengthens their relationship with Cyviz as the key provider of such environments.

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