CCOMM offer unique engineering services around new and emerging technology solutions for business.

We focus on helping companies start on the path to optimum performance by increasing the contribution of individuals, teams, workgroups and entire workforces through the effective use of collaborative working environments.

Our technical advisors work exclusively on driving your business programme to make your collaborative working environments meet and exceed user expectations; be they auditoriums, boardrooms, advanced learning rooms, control and command centres, real time operation centres or visualisation environments.

The need for creative collaborative thinking is driving today's demand for meeting room innovation, where individuals are able to connect, share and collaborate seamlessly, in groups.


 At CCOMM we help to facilitate this change, helping our customers to clearly focus on common objectives, maximising the  use of their valuable time.

There has never been a better time to invest in new technology, in an era where work is no longer a destination.  We pride ourselves in developing creative collaborative solutions, with technology that matches the business challenges of all our customers.  Recognising also, that the way that people work is possibly the biggest challenge.

Mike Entwistle CEO


7 steps to business change

  1. Define project parameters
  2. Understand the business objective
  3. Audit the current technology status
  4. Define best practise solutions
  5. Manage the implementation
  6. Oversee end user training
  7. Drive adoption and monitor performance

Market Verticals

CCOMM has undertaken numerous projects within Oil & Gas, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, Automotive and other verticals where collaborative working has been transformed from a concept to a mission critical business application tool.

Oil & Gas – Exploration and Production

The demand for energy worldwide continues to increase.  The International Energy Agency expects that daily global oil production will plateau at around 68 million barrels per day by 2020, as total energy demand increases by more than 35% by 2035.  At CCOMM we deliver services throughout the oil and gas lifecycle, encompassing exploration, drilling, production and refining.  Our expertise covers all stages of the facility lifecycle from concept design through to decommissioning.  


The retail sector is one of the fastest changing markets, embracing technology on a variety of fronts.  Interactive television, in-store technologies, augmented reality, image recognition and smart devices are some of the key areas leading this change. Consumer engagement is one of the key areas of focus.

Retailers are looking to actively invest in technologies which are changing customer behaviour.


In today’s laboratories, conducting research leading to breakthroughs in drug development requires the use of powerful imaging tools. CCOMM uses technology developed in conjunction with universities and science-based businesses to deliver the best tools and complete environments for research, teaching and collaborative work.

Our solutions allow for increased understanding of complex data, while speeding time to discovery and providing a valuable return on investment. 


Advancements in digital imaging technology have changed the way patient data is viewed and distributed within healthcare. Clinical specialists want immediate access to medical images throughout the hospital and at dispersed locations. CCOMM offers a fully immersive, collaborative experience to enhance productivity and deliver better patient care.  

Sharing of information in real time irrespective of location empowers the profession and transforms the delivery of cost effective clinical collaboration.


CCOMM enables the visualisation of all dynamic data. Our control room solutions provide operators with the necessary tools to perform their mission critical activities, 24x7.  CCOMM's solutions include highly flexible video walls, large front display solutions, video wall controllers and easy to use, wall management software.  Our quality services covering future-proof design, quality engineering and managed service support, guarantee ultimate customer satisfaction. 

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